Abdominoplasty Beverly Hills

Abdominoplasty Beverly HillsWhen excess fat is affecting the confidence you have in your physical appearance, simple dieting and exercise may fall short of delivering the results you’re looking for.

The advanced expertise of Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke can provide a solution that accurately addresses persistent fat and sagging skin.

The abdominoplasty procedure reshapes your body by removing excess fat and skin from the lower torso region. The treatment delivers outstanding results in the form of tightened muscles and a flattened stomach.

Depending on the type of tummy tuck that you are a candidate for, a variety of incisions can be used to treat the laxity and created a flatter abdomen. Most Commonly, an incision of the pubic area is performed to isolate the navel from the existing tissue. The next procedure involves the pulling of the skin to allow for the abdominal muscles to be tightened. Extraneous skin is removed or tensed to create a smooth appearance.

After the stomach has flattened, the navel is surgically restored back in place and the incisions are closed.

Usually a week to 10 days of healing is required to fully recover from an abdominoplasty procedure. Your daily activities can be resumed in generally a week after the treatment. Consult with us today for more information about abdominoplasty procedures.